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Webinar: BA Guild Metamodel / Business Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM) v1.0 Alignment- Part 3

Recorded On: 12/20/2023

The Business Architecture Guild has an established metamodel that details essential knowledgebase domains and associations needed to deploy and scale a BIZBOK® Guide-aligned, business architecture practice, with the latest version of this metamodel described in a Guild whitepaper. In parallel, with full Guild participation and leadership, a group of vendor and related member organizations of the Object Management Group (OMG) created a formal specification called the Business Architecture Core Metamodel (BACM), which is targeted for publication in early 2024. While the Guild metamodel and BACM are conceptually aligned, they also differ in a number of ways, with BACM being tool-implementable. The Guild metamodel team published a whitepaper detailing similarities and differences to enable in-house practices using the Guild metamodel and relying on BACM compliant vendor tools. The BA Guild Metamodel / Business Architecture Core Metamodel v1.0 Alignment (Part 3) webinar highlights key points from the whitepaper along with best practices for deploying these metamodels in practice. Webinar Part 3 picks up where Part 2 left off and focuses on product, interdisciplinary alignment (Requirement, Customer Experience, Process) and Policy

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Presenter:Hermann Schlamann, Jim Rhyne, Lloyd Dugan

Hermann Schlamann

Hermann has been active in the practical development and implementation of architectures for many years. He gained his experience (40 years +) in various fields of computer sciencemost recently as an enterprise architect at a major Swiss bank, where he worked in the development and implementation of "service-oriented architecture". After his retirement, he founded a consulting firm to pass on his architectural experience. He is  the author of books on service orientation and numerous articles on business technologiesa frequent speaker at national and international conferences on business architectures, and currently chair of the Guild's Metamodel team.

Jim Rhyne


Thematix Partners

OMG Standards Organization Task Force Chair

Business Architecture Guild Co-founder 

IBM Corp. Distinguished Engineer

Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Adjunct Professor, Santa Clara University

PhD, Computer Science and Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin

Lloyd Dugan

Lloyd  is a long-time Business Architecture Guild Contributing Member, whose primary expertise is in modeling operational business and designed system behaviors within an architectural context, specializing in the use of BPMN (for processes), CMMN (for cases), and DMN (for decisions).  He has co-authored or reviewed Guild whitepapers on the topic of business architecture and business process alignment, and has presented on this topic at Business Architecture Summits conducted by the Guild.  He serves as the primary representative for the Guild on the OMG's Business Model Integration Task Force and BACM Finalization Task Force, and serves on the Guilds Metamodel Collaboration Team


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Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin.  |  60 minutes Delivering customer and related stakeholder value underpins a wide range of critical focal points for organizations including improving the customer experience, maximizing partner engagement, and ensuring that business leaders and other professionals can function at peak performance. Various disciplines look at value consumption, such as customer journey mapping while other disciplines focus on value creation. Bringing these two perspectives together establishes a focal point for maximizing investments to deliver stakeholder value while optimizing the capabilities needed to do so. This webinar will examine the value consumption / value creation concepts through the lens of business architecture and the role the dual view plays in selecting and shaping investments and related initiatives.
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